How It Started

In 1991, I was a freshman studying commercial music at The University of Memphis. I was in a rock band and thought if I got a job at the campus radio station, I’d be able to play my own music on the air.

That didn’t happen for two reasons:

  1. The station played jazz.
  2. It’s illegal to play your own music on the radio.

But that “mistake” got me in radio’s door and I’ve been involved in marketing via media ever since, using it to create “celebrity status” for entertainers, experts, and some of the world’s largest brands.

How It's Going

Some of the clients I’ve done marketing work for:

Why Podcasting

In 2005, in order to market myself, I started an interview-format broadcast radio show. To increase awareness for the show, episodes were also released online, as a podcast.

It was then that I saw the opportunity—the same thing I’d previously seen in the music business, then in the film business, and later in book publishing business was happening with radio. Online distribution would soon be overpowering traditional (in this case broadcast and satellite) distribution.

I was right. Today, around 144,000,000 Americans listen to podcasts each month. And that’s a big opportunity for you.

I can help you use podcasting to grow your audience, spread your work, and make more money in your business. You’ll have the best of both worlds—the powerful media marketing strategies I've used to help big entertainers and companies spread their work, grow their fanbases, and make money via traditional media, but done with less cost and even more effectiveness, thanks to the hyper-focused audience and direct-to-consumer connection available to you via online.

Why Me – A Unique Perspective That Gets Results

Marketing is my passion and I'm hands-on. Since 1995, I’ve been heavily involved in all aspects of media marketing and creation, doing everything from booking talent for major motion pictures, to music supervision and licensing for both film and television, to nationwide product launches and advertising campaigns.

This unique combination of media creation and marketing is why people love working with me. Because I’ve been on the frontlines as both a creator and marketer, I’m able to see media from both sides—it's a marketing tool and also art.

You’ve heard my work on broadcast radio, seen it in big screen movie theaters, and watched it on both cable and network television. I’ve worked in the live event space, personally producing and marketing over 1000 live events, from music, to comedy, to seminars.

I get results for the people I work for. And I can do the same for you.

100% Independent, Like You

Not a big corporation? Me neither. I’m an in-the-trenches guy with my own independent podcast, just like you. I play with my own money and live or die based on my own marketing decisions.

I know where you are and I can help you. When you and I work together, you'll get more attention, attract the right audience, and make money with your ideas!