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We need to talk about your podcast.

Specifically, why nobody is listening (and what you can do about it).

Yes, this is a long page. But if you're looking for more listeners, it's worth your time to read it. Or at least skim it ...

Does this sound like you?

You put a ton of work into your podcast, but it's not where you want it to be – you want more.

Sure, you’ve got a few listeners, but no real fans.

And you're starting to second-guess your decisions ... Thinking things like, "Maybe I should focus on YouTube" or "Maybe I should quit."

Knock it off. You were smart to start a podcast – it's one of your best options create a meaningful, deep connection with people that will help you:

  1. Establish yourself as an authority and expert
  2. Enhance your personal brand and reputation (or do this for your company)
  3. Spread an important message
  4. Get new clients and customers for your business
  5. Make money

Your podcast is probably in better shape than you realize and I can help you piece-together what you're missing. So don't throw away your hard work (and your dream of a successful podcast) just yet.

Why are only some podcasts successful?

I've been in the trenches of podcasting since 2005 and I've found three "rules" that all successful shows understand (and follow):

  1. Listeners want to connect with other humans, not podcasts. A "podcast" is just a way to deliver this connection.
  2. Podcasts that matter are run by people who care. These people care about their message and also the listeners receiving it.
  3. "Success" in podcasting isn't instant. But if you keep showing up and applying the right pressure, it will emerge, 100% of the time.

If you understand (and live by) these three rules, you'll be fine. And you'll change the lives of the people who hear you.

If you've come here simply looking for the "magic bullet" of podcasting success, this is it – you can stop reading, because what's next, and what I have inside Big Podcast AMP, isn't for you.

On the other hand, if you're ready to dive deeper into the finer details of successful podcasting and ready to do the work to accelerate your podcasting success, there's plenty here for you to consider ...

Does this sound like you?

Even the best podcasters run into common situations that slow down the growth of their podcasts.

Yeah, you want to change lives with your podcast, but right now, you also want to:

  1. Make more money.
  2. Get more listeners.
  3. Gain more respect and be taken seriously.

Own it. Be "shallow." Because without these things in place, your podcast won't be heard by anybody.

If you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere with your podcast, there’s ALWAYS an underlying problem.

So let's look a little deeper ...

Exactly Where Do You Need Help?

I already know, because I'm in the trenches with podcasters just like you ...


Podcast Monetization

  1. You want to make more money with your podcast, but you feel "stuck," because you don't have a lot of listeners and you're not sure how to attract new ones.
  2. You're missing sponsorship opportunities due to lack of knowledge about how to effectively find and negotiate these deals.
  3. You want to make your podcast more profitable (through advertising revenue, bringing more clients into your existing business, etc), but the things you’ve tried haven’t worked.
  4. You’re not sure how to effectively leverage your podcast content to create additional income streams, such as merchandise or premium content.
  5. You’re struggling with understanding the true value of your audience, limiting your ability to target potential advertisers or sponsors effectively.


Growing Your Podcast

  1. You lack strategic partnerships and collaborations that can cross-promote your podcast and help you reach new audiences.
  2. You want more listeners for your podcast, but you’re "stuck" and not sure what to do to attract them.
  3. You lack strategic partnerships and collaborations that can get your podcast in front of new people.
  4. Your podcast is lost among countless other podcasts in the same genre or you're being ignored.
  5. You’re not effectively leveraging your content, skills, or relationships to promote your podcast.


Building Enthusiasm (and a Community) Around Your Podcast

  1. Your listeners aren’t as involved in the podcast as you’d like them to be. And they're not spending money with you.
  2. You're struggling to convert listeners into engaged community members, such as subscribers to an email list, active participants in social media communities, or customers for related products or services.
  3. You don’t get much (if any!) interaction from your listeners.
  4. You feel like your podcast is just broadcasting to the void, without any meaningful two-way communication with your audience.
  5. Your podcast doesn’t seem to be creating the impact and reach you envisioned when you started.


Spread an Important Message

  1. Your message isn’t being heard by as many people as you want or influencing listeners as you intended.
  2. Despite the value of your message, there’s minimal discussion, sharing, or general buzz around your podcast on social media or other platforms.
  3. You feel like you're talking to yourself – your podcast is an echo chamber and your message isn’t reaching new people.
  4. You’re struggling to establish partnerships or collaborations with other influencers, podcasters, or thought leaders who could help amplify your message.
  5. Despite your efforts, your podcast’s crucial message doesn’t seem to be resonating or creating a connection with your listeners on a deeper level.


Getting Things Done (Without Losing Your Mind ... Or Your Family)

  1. You’re finding it difficult to manage the technical aspects of podcasting, such as audio editing and quality control, which affect the overall listener experience.
  2. You feel overwhelmed with the administrative tasks associated with your podcast, such as scheduling guests, managing sponsorships, or keeping up with social media engagement.
  3. You’re struggling to consistently create high-quality content, due to time constraints or lack of inspiration, which impacts your podcast’s regularity and listener retention.
  4. You’re finding it challenging to balance your podcast with other professional or personal commitments, which prevents you from dedicating the necessary time and resources to your podcast.
  5. Navigating audience engagement and feedback is overwhelming, which is affecting your podcast’s growth, evolution, and improvement.

Remember when podcasting was fun?

Remember the thrill of publishing your first podcast episode and seeing it online? Your artwork looked great, the show name was catchy, and even if your first episode wasn’t perfect, you felt like you'd accomplished something.

What happened?

You probably kept the excitement up as you published the next few episodes. You told your friends and family about it, hoping to get a bit of traction. Things seemed OK for a while.

Then you hit “the podcasting slump” ...

  1. Your podcast stopped growing.
  2. Your downloads plateaued.
  3. The marketing techniques you tried didn’t bring you any lasting results.

Most Failing Podcasters Do 1 of 3 Things ...

OPTION #1: Give up and quit podcasting.

Around 93% of podcasts are abandoned before the first 10 episodes.

Sometimes this is the right move. If you're this early in the process of building your podcast, it's usually more effective to "clear the decks" and start with a clean slate, rather than try to retool something that already isn't working for you.

OPTION #2: Keep going and *hope* things change.

This is why you see podcasts without any real traction still plugging along. It’s kind of sad, actually — especially when it doesn’t have to be this way.

If something isn't working, you need to look at it, if you want better results.

OPTION #3: Try a bunch of random marketing strategies, crossing your fingers that one works.

If you’ve tried this, you know that it only leads to wasted time and burnout. Most of the conventional podcast marketing strategies, unfortunately, aren’t very effective at helping you grow your podcast. And if you don't have a good foundation for your show in place, these "strategies" can actually hurt you.

Something About Your Podcast Isn't Working

... but you’re not sure what the problem is. Or how to fix it.

The first step is admitting there's a problem. The next is being honest with yourself about where you are with your podcast and what you want from it.

This is worth saying again ...

What most podcasters want is:

  1. More money.
  2. More listeners.
  3. More respect and to be taken seriously.

Own it. And follow this three-step plan to make these things happen ...


Make Your Podcast “Binge-Worthy”

A binge-worthy podcast is a podcast that listeners can’t get enough of. They eagerly await for your next episode, they tell their friends about your podcast, and they spend money with you.

You have more than just listeners, you have FANS.


Use Personalized Marketing Strategies That Work

Not all marketing strategies are effective for every podcast. You need something that works for you and will work for your podcast.

Depending on your niche, your show type, and your goals, some strategies work better than others. And you don’t want to waste any more of your time on what doesn’t work.


Get Connected with Other Professional Podcasters

Every podcaster feels alone at times, because writing, recording, and editing a podcast is almost always a solo pursuit. But there's no reason to feel alone when it comes to marketing and growing your podcast.

You want to connect yourself to successful podcasters and learn from them, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel and grow your podcast using trial and error.

You need ALL THREE of these steps to fast-track your podcast growth.

Here's why ...

Think of your podcast like a huge jug.

If you only have a trickle of water flowing into your jug, you're not going to notice a lot of the holes it has, because the holes are everywhere, and the water level never gets high enough for most of those holes to matter.

But if you start pouring lots of water into your jug, the holes become obvious. And you've got a problem.

Of course, you don't put water into your podcast, you invest other valuable resources like:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Reputation

But "holes" negatively affect these things as well.

It's like driving a car with a flat tire. Yeah, you can go for a little while, but eventually you're going to have to pull over.

And there you'll be, on the "side of the road" with a broken down podcast that won't budge regardless of the resources you put into it.

When you finally understand HOW to grow your podcast, things get much easier.

But this isn't for everybody. In fact, it's not for most people.

Big Podcast AMP (Audio Monetization Program) is a personal coaching program that I've designed just for independent podcasters to help you do three things:

  1. Grow your podcast audience.
  2. Get people talking about your podcast.
  3. Make more money with your podcast.

Big Podcast AMP isn't designed for "anybody and everybody" – it's for people who are serious about podcasting and ready to do what it takes to be successful at podcasting.

I'll work with you to turn your existing podcast into something binge-worthy and give you personalized advice for not only reaching a larger audience, but also how to retain this audience for years to come and have them spread the word about your podcast for you.

We'll focus on proven marketing strategies designed to work specifically for your podcast. And you'll be connected to other podcasters who are just as serious about podcasting as you are.

Big Podcast AMP is not for you if ...

You'd rather blame external factors than take ownership of your podcast's success (or lack thereof).
You think podcasting is just a hobby and not a serious opportunity.
You're not open to collaboration and think you've already mastered everything about podcasting.
You believe podcasting success should be overnight, and if that doesn't happen, you'll give up.
You're not prepared to adapt and evolve as the podcasting landscape changes.
You're not ready to step out of your comfort zone and try unconventional podcasting strategies.
You're not prepared to experiment with different formats and styles to find what resonates with your audience.
You view podcasting solely as a way to make quick money, without providing real value to your audience.
You're not ready to learn from your mistakes and setbacks and use them as opportunities for growth.

Big Podcast AMP is for you if ...

You love podcasting and you're ready to skyrocket your listener base.
You if you believe in the power of podcasting, but need a kick in the creative pants.
You if you want to turn your passion for podcasting into a profitable business.
You're craving expert guidance to make your podcasting dreams a reality.
You're itching to ditch the 9-to-5 and turn your podcast (and the business around it) into a full-time income stream.
You if you want to connect with established podcasters and pick up some effective (and creative) promotion ideas.
You're tired of your podcast being a well-kept secret and want to make some noise.
You're determined to monetize your podcast without selling your soul.
You're committed to your message, want to spread it, and you're ready to put in the work to make that happen.

Which Type of Podcaster are You?

Big Podcast AMP was designed for three types of podcasters ...


Grow Your Business

You have an existing business and use podcasting as a marketing tool.

Smart move.

The internet and social media has presented business owners with great opportunities to market their businesses. Unfortunately though, because prospective customers are overwhelmed with email, social media, and other forms of communication, it’s easy for your marketing message to get lost.

A strong podcast will solidify your brand and help your business stand out from the competition. It will showcase your business, help you build rapport and long-term relationships with prospective customers, and make you “the obvious choice” for when they’re ready to buy.

Podcasting works as a marketing tool for any business. A successful podcast will establish your authority and allow you to reach an entirely new audience, marketing your business in a way that doesn’t feel like marketing.


Showcase Your Talent and Expertise

You’re a coach, consultant, doctor, expert, or entertainer.

A podcast is a great way to do this! Beyond that, it’s the ultimate lead generator for people with talent and expertise.

Imagine this — you do the “work” once and tens of thousands of people experience it. That’s exactly how a successful podcast works!

Beyond showcasing your talent and expertise, you’ll get an additional credibility boost by being seen as a media star. Even if nothing else changes about your business, this will allow you to charge more for the exact same services you’re already providing.


Spread an Important Message

You’re somebody who wants to see change in the world — a pastor, activist, or community organizer.

Like a business, it’s easy for your message to get lost. And by having a podcast, you’re on the right path to make sure you (and your message) are heard.

To spread your message effectively though, it must be heard in a certain way (and by the right people). It needs to be easy to access and easy to understand.

Podcasting offers both solutions to help you spread your message. A successful podcast is easy to access and effectively engages the right audience, so people not only take your message to heart, they also spread it themselves.

Podcasting is the ultimate vehicle to help you spread your message. With virtually unlimited distribution, it will allow you to reach new people in a cost-effective way with the unfiltered message you want people to hear.

Fast-Track Your Podcast GROWTH and BUILD AN AUDIENCE of Fans

(Without having to spend all your time on "marketing.")

If you're like most podcasters, you put a ton of work into your podcast, but there’s little to show for it.

Sure, you’ve got a few listeners, at least you think you do, but no real fans.

It's easy to plug in a mic and record something. But getting people to listen to your podcast isn't that simple.

I'll help you with that.

Nobody (Including Me) Said It Was Easy ...

Because podcasting isn't easy. But I can make you better, which will make podcasting feel easy.

Despite what it looks like from the outside, podcasting isn't easy.

It's OK not to know everything. And not get everything "perfect" the first time around.

I get it, because I've been there. And I am there – I'm trying new things all the time and plenty of them don't work.

I also get what it's like to be an expert or otherwise considered a "celebrity" in your market. And the pressure you can feel when lots of people are watching you.

So sometimes it's difficult to ask for help or admit:

  1. You don't know what to do next (or what strategies will work) to grow your podcast.
  2. The marketing you have done for your podcast hasn't paid off.
  3. You're spinning your wheels.

This is the main reason I created Big Podcast AMP – I wanted a space for serious podcasters to come together, learn from each other, and grow with each other.

We help each other here. The only "competition" you'll face is against yourself.

And here's the irony ...

Once you set the foundation for your podcast, the "marketing" is done for you.

You've probably heard of the "Latte Factor" concept, popularized by author David Bach. It basically says that small amounts of money spent on a regular basis add up.

In other words, you could put the $7 you're spending each day at Starbucks, or whatever other "trivial" expenses you have, into an investment and turn it into something significant.

This is true, of course, but if you look at the world's richest people, they didn't get there by saving $7/day on expenses – they got there through a good idea and the labor of others.

And this is how the biggest podcasts are made ...

Top podcasts have fans that tell their friends about new episodes. They wear the t-shirts. Like fans of a pop artist, they have a related identity.

But here's where this fandom gets interesting ...

If a "hater" comes along, maybe on social media or an online forum, to criticize the podcast, these fans jump in to defend it.

And that makes the bond listeners have with the podcast (and each other) even stronger.

This "marketing" is available to you, for free, when you get your foundation in order.

Again, this is something I'll help you with.

Let’s Make Your Small Podcast a BIG Podcast

But first, let's get real about podcasting.

If you're like most podcasters, you put a ton of work into your podcast, but there’s little to show for it.

Sure, you’ve got a few listeners, at least you think you do, but no real fans.

You started your podcast because:

  • You want to spread an important message
  • You want to share your passion
  • You want to get more customers for your business

It's easy to plug in a mic and record something. But getting people to listen to your podcast isn't that simple.

Be honest. You want more from your podcast.

Fortunately, you're in the right place ...

AMP = Audio Monetization Program

Here's how it works ...

Personal Connection and Community

Podcasting success is as much about WHO you know as it is WHAT you know. Because of this, the foundation of Big Podcast AMP is based on a personal connection with me and other members.

When you’re in, you’ve got a group of pro podcasters working with you and for you.

Shared Goals

The members of Big Podcast AMP are focused on three "big picture" goals and work together to:

  1. Reach more people with their podcasts
  2. Make more money from their podcasts (and related work)
  3. Increase individual authority and influence

Shared Focus Work

Within Big Podcast AMP, you’ll be able to participate in cohort-based trainings designed to get you unstuck and moving forward with your podcast (and podcasting skills) including:

  • Jumpstarting a new (or stuck) podcast
  • Launching (and re-launching) your podcast
  • Interviewing skills
  • Co-Hosting skills
  • Solo Hosting skills
  • High-level guest outreach and booking
  • Narrative non-fiction production  

Constant Experimentation

Big Podcast AMP isn’t a place to be complacent with your podcasting.

The best podcasts (and podcasters) are constantly experimenting with their podcasts and members are encouraged to share these experiments as they are happening and report on significant findings, sharing what works (and what doesn’t work) to grow a podcast.


Big Podcast AMP is for people who want more. If you’re looking to dive head-first into growing your podcast audience, want to personally work with me, and want to be instantly connected to other podcasters who are working just as hard as you are, you’re in the right place.

You don’t have to be full-time with your podcast to be part of Big Podcast AMP, but to get the most from it, you’re going to need to jump in and get your hands dirty.

This isn’t a “magic bullet” (but it’s pretty close).

If you do what I say, you’ll grow your audience and get more attention for your podcast. You’ll make money with your voice and with your message. And if you want to go full-time, that can happen as well.

Let me be clear: You don’t have be perfect. You don’t have to always “have it together.” But you do have to be willing to do what it takes to improve yourself and your podcast.

Not every podcaster is ready to do what it takes to create a successful podcast (or business behind that podcast). To do these things, you have to move outside your current comfort zone. And that takes guts.

Additionally, if you’re a “clutch your pearls” type of person, you’ll be better off elsewhere. In Big Podcast AMP, we're open-minded, we take chances, and we get messy.

Unsure if Big Podcast AMP is for you? Read this ...

Otherwise, skip it!

If some (or all) of the items below are important to you, you're a good match for Big Podcast AMP ...

Podcasting Confidence: You're tired of having to explain and defend your podcast to skeptical friends and family.

Podcast Validation: You want concrete proof that your podcast is reaching people and making a real impact on their lives.

Recognition and Authority: You want to be taken seriously. And you want a podcast that's taken seriously.

Creative and Financial Freedom: You want to express yourself creatively while still making money.

Podcasting Community: You want to connect with successful podcasters who understand your journey (and can help you move forward).

Impactful Communication: You want to improve your ability to connect with listeners and deliver powerful messages that positively impact them.

Collaborative Partnerships: You're looking for opportunities for your podcasting skills, including guest appearances, co-hosting, and producing podcasts for others.

Who does this guy think he is?!

About David Hooper

My background is in entertainment industry marketing, mostly music. That's how I got involved with radio.

My introduction with podcasting was a fluke. In 2005, in order to market myself and my company, I started an interview-format broadcast radio show about the music business. To increase awareness for the show, episodes were also released online, as a podcast.

That "podcast" was when I saw the opportunity — the same thing I’d previously seen in the music business, then in the film business, and later in book publishing business was happening with radio. Online distribution would soon be overpowering traditional (in this case broadcast and satellite) distribution.

I was right. Today, around 144,000,000 Americans listen to podcasts each month. And that’s a big opportunity for you.

Why Me – A Unique Perspective That Gets Results

Marketing is my passion and I'm hands-on. Since 1995, I’ve been heavily involved in all aspects of media marketing and creation, doing everything from booking talent for major motion pictures, to music supervision and licensing for both film and television, to nationwide product launches and advertising campaigns.

This unique combination of media creation and marketing is why people love working with me. Because I’ve been on the frontlines as both a creator and marketer, I’m able to see media from both sides — as a marketing tool and also as art.

You’ve heard my work on broadcast radio, seen it in big screen movie theaters, and watched it on both cable and network television. I’ve worked in the live event space, personally producing and marketing over 1000 live events, from music, to comedy, to seminars.

I get results for the people I work for. And I can do the same for you.

100% Independent – Just Like You

Not a big corporation? Me neither. I’m an in-the-trenches guy with my own independent podcast, just like you. I play with my own money and live or die based on my own marketing decisions.

Probably worth mentioning ...

I wrote the book on podcasting.

Actually, a few. The one of the photo, the book on podcasting, is the first in a series of three.

Look at how beat up it is. I love that!

Making a podcast is like writing a book – it's messy. Yeah, the final product people receive looks good and sounds nice, but the process of creation is anything but.

Have you ever admired roses? I have some growing in front of my house,

Roses aren't for the faint of heart. For one, there are thorns, which, like tiny daggers, will pierce your skin if don't respect them ... and even if you do.

Do you know what makes for great roses? Pruning.

Pruning is messy, too, almost violent. And your "roses" look awful for a while, with everything cut to the nub.

But like a podcast, or a book, or your life, you've got to get rid of the dead weight to let the beautiful parts grow. Which is exactly what I'm going to help you do with your podcast.

People are talking ...

Comments on David, his books, and his work ...

Enough about me.

Let's talk about you and "The Big Lie" of podcasting ...

Have you ever had somebody pitch you a "network marketing" (also known as MLM) opportunity? It's happened to me several times.

A few years ago, I was staying at the same hotel where there was a "pills, potions, and lotions" company giving presentations to sign up new people. Each promised prospects unlimited income, eternal happiness, and an opportunity to "be your own boss."

I was at there for few days and they were too, so I got the see these "pep rallies" a few times. Each time I'd walk by their conference room, I'd see people jumping up and down to loud music, listening to motivational speakers, and shouting money affirmations.

"I am a money magnet!!" [BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!]

"I am feeling money flow through me!!" [BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!]

That's how they'd get people hooked.

Podcasting is similar ...

The fantasy of podcasting is much different than the reality of podcasting.

It can be lonely, because most of the work we do is alone. And we work in silos – we talk to listeners and our guests, but rarely each other.

Connecting with other podcasters is another huge benefit of Big Podcast AMP ...


Don't podcast alone.

While podcasting can feel isolating and lonely, it doesn't have to be. With Big Podcast AMP, you'll surround yourself with like-minded people, fellow podcasters, and marketing experts. You'll gain a network that will not only keep you motivated, but also ensure you stay on track and continue making progress with your podcast.


Unlock valuable marketing knowledge.

Gain valuable insights from a vibrant community of podcasters and marketing experts who possess firsthand knowledge of what it really takes to create and maintain a successful podcast. Don't reinvent the wheel! Propel your podcast forward with proven strategies used by those who have successfully navigated similar paths.


Connect with podcasters working just as hard as you are.

Create meaningful connections and build enduring relationships. Within the Big Podcast AMP community, members frequently collaborate by featuring each another on their podcasts, YouTube channels, and newsletters, creating not only valuable exposure for themselves, but also new business opportunities.

A "Safe Space" for Podcasters.

I know, I know ... but hear me out.

The world is dangerous, especially when you speak your mind. Because of this, podcasting is dangerous.

Every time you publish an episode of your podcast, you open yourself to criticism and negativity.

Still, I created Big Podcast AMP as a place where you won't have to deal with jerks. We don't judge you based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, and physical abilities.

We will judge your podcast ... but only in service of you, your audience, and your message. And only if you ask.

Big Podcast AMP is a place where you can unleash your true feelings regarding the ups and downs of your podcasting journey. Members recognize the whirlwind of feelings that comes with podcasting, because we're right there with you, each of us aboard this same thrilling ride.

This means you are safe to: