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If you have a specific need, please reach out to me and let me know. In general, I keep things pretty simple when running the business of Big Podcast, writing emails via Gmail, writing books and newsletters via Google Docs, etc.

To send the weekly newsletter, I use Curated. Big Podcast Extra is hosted on Substack.

If you do a lot of writing, I recommend ProWritingAid for grammar and spell checking (as well as other checks).


I record and edit with Audacity. I clean up audio with Izotope RX. I use the Advanced version, but the majority of podcasters will do just fine with Standard. I use Auphonic to prepare audio files for delivery via podcast.


My main broadcast mic is an RE20 by Electro-Voice. If you're just getting started, a Shure SM57 with an AW2S windscreen is a mic that will get you in the game for about $100 and can grow with you—I use these for mobile recording all the time and they sound great.

The interface I use is the 4th Gen Focusrite 4i4. This model has features that let me get different mixes for what I'm recording, what's coming through my headphones, and what's going to my backup recorder (Zoom F3). If you're just recording yourself or doing everything via a remote connection, the Scarlet Solo will do the job for most people.

I use a dbx 286s channel strip, mostly for the noise gate. I use a Cloudlifter to boost the signal.

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